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Published: 26 October 2017

Product Type Phone
Brand Huawei
Device Name Enjoy 7 Plus
Device Model # TRT-AL00
Official Release Date 6/15/2017
Target Market China
Retail Price $270.00
Weight (grams) 165.1 (Measured)
Device Dimensions (mm) 153.34 x 76.16 x 9.03 (Measured at Longest/Widest/Thickest Points)

Report Description

Survey Plus Reports include:

  • Device Observations
  • Analysis Summary
  • Major IC Manufacturer Distribution
  • RF Block Diagrams
  • Main Enclosure material information
  • Identify primary ICs and RF Modules such as SAW filters and Duplexers
  • ICs and RF Modules categorized by Component Functions
  • Provide package and die-size parameters
  • Selected die photos
  • Information on major sub-assemblies such as cameras and display/touchscreen subsystems
  • Price estimates for the ICs and RF Modules

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