Leverage depth and breadth of experience

Do you need to strengthen your defensive position?

TechInsights can help you to evaluate your exposure, acquire patents to build an effective defense, develop a counter assertion program or help challenge patent validity through prior art or non-infringement analysis.

Our patent and engineering teams draw on an extensive body of knowledge and expertise developed over decades of demonstrating the value of patented technology for defensive purposes.

Our superior visibility into prior art means faster, more credible evaluation of claims and greater confidence in achieving desired outcomes.

Demonstrate the strength of your position

TechInsights can prepare an analysis of how your portfolio reads on a suspected threat, and help you demonstrate the value of your patented technology.

We can support your patent defense requirements in a variety of ways:

  • patent mining – an interactive approach to prioritize your patents using tools that apply our product and industry knowledge, identify your most valuable patents in the context of a specific IP strategy and match a patent or groups of patents to current high revenue areas
  • exposure analysis – evaluation of the potential claim charts you may be threatened with
  • prior art / prior use - leverage TechInsights’ vast inventory of historical devices and technical analyses to invalidate a patent assertion
  • non-infringement analysis and opinion - identify and document evidence of use through technical analysis of products, standards, or literature
  • counter assertion program – we can help develop and support a comprehensive offense from evaluating your position to recommending analysis and documenting evidence of use in accurate, exhaustively researched claim charts.

Increase your chance of prior art success

  • proprietary library of analyses, images and reports
  • searching using experienced subject matter experts
  • following well-established and proven search techniques for consistent analysis results
  • fixed cost searches that manage your project expense

Prefer to do your own prior art search?

A self-service option is available with a TechInsights’ Prior Art Library subscription.

Be proactive with a good offense

Often the best defense includes a good offense. Turning the tables and going on the offensive is often the most effective strategy.

TechInsights can deliver you evidence that clearly demonstrates the value of your patented technology and the strength of your position.

We will identify your patents that read on the largest portion of revenue of your aggressor’s products, make recommendations for analysis and document EoU.

“TechInsights helped us get the evidence we needed to defend our position in court. They helped us produce high quality evidence based on engineering expertise and access to specialized equipment not available to us in-house.”

Senior Litigation Attorney

Why use TechInsights for defensive support?

TechInsights brings history and experience with almost three decades of matching patents to products across a variety of technology areas. Our archive of devices and library of technical analysis, combining the historical records of TechInsights and Chipworks, is widely recognized as without peer.

We are the leaders in revealing the use of patented inventions and demonstrating patent value.

“By supplementing standards-based documentation with technical evidence of use, TechInsights helped us strengthen our negotiating position. In light of their responsiveness and ability to run parallel programs, they continue to support us in related licensing campaigns.”

Senior Licensing Executive

“Our defense options were limited and we had a lot at stake. The non-infringement evidence produced by TechInsights helped us avoid millions in litigation costs and damages.”

Intellectual Property Counsel

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