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Semiconductor Library is a subscription-based service that gives you 24/7 online access to the world’s largest library of semiconductor technical data and analysis.

Comprehensive analysis from TechInsights’ state-of the-art reverse engineering facilities

Unique genealogy shows at-a-glance the relationship between products, components, and dies for easier, faster deep-dive analysis

Enables the most fact-based IP decisions to support a wide range of use cases including licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution

If you have been served with a patent infringement letter, the clock is ticking. Finding a key piece of evidence to support a prior art story is like finding a needle in a haystack. The internet and technical proceedings may help. What you really need to invalidate a patent is fast access to a consolidated archive of reliable, deeper, unpublished evidence to augment other sources and finish the job.

TechInsights has been proactively tearing down and analyzing consumer products since 1989, discovering the innovation others can’t inside electronics and semiconductor devices. Our analysis is broad and includes a variety of manufacturers from top brands like Apple and Samsung to up-and-coming mega players like Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Amazon.

Analysis by manufacturer include:

  • An easy to use web-based subscription service
  • Quickly access over 5,500 reports starting from 5 years ago and dating back to 1977
  • Reports cover a wide range of advanced technology products and semiconductor chips
  • Compliments traditional sources including technical reports, white papers, conference papers, online searches and other methods
  • Printed Publication Reports can be ordered if needed

Expand your search sources with the ultimate self-serve option for getting the critical data you need to refute patent assertion claims

Whether you are trying to invalidate a patent, prepare for a court trial or an inter partes review (IPR) or bolster arguments to significantly reduce the scope of claims (in claims construction/Markman rulings), the TechInsights Prior Art Library will be invaluable.

Get instant access to a rich source of accurate analysis by manufacturers, devices, and application – dating back to 1977

Reports by manufacturer include:

Samsung, Qualicomm, Texas Instruments, MediaTek, Intel, Apple, Broadcom, Xiaomi, LG, Nokia, Huawei, and many others

Devices by technology include:

Sensors Actuators, Communications ICs, Standard Linear/Power, Memory, Application Specific Analogy, Application Specific IC, Microcontrollers, and many others

Prior Art

All Reports

  • Are generated by specialized IP professionals, engineers and technicians using proprietary tools, state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced analysis equipment in the world
  • Go as deep as required to find the innovation others can’t inside a broad range of consumer electronic products
  • Present evidence in an understandable context
  • Include the full document history with all dates – enabling you to create a Printed Publication Report for admissibility to government review boards.

Here is how it works


Flexible subscription options

All subscriptions give you immediate and unlimited access privileges to our older reports (> 5 years)


Log-on using any browser

Get 24/7 access from your laptop, desktop or tablet. Intuitive, user-friendly interface


Powered by a high-speed search engine

Full text search navigation with advanced filtering on key data categories


Instant online viewing of reports

Comprehensive reports include publication date, detailed technical analysis, and images


Selectively order the reports you need

You only need to order relevant reports that support your case. Simply contact us to receive an official PDF, often the same day (with a Purchase Order).

The Clock’s Ticking. Let’s Get Started

If you need semiconductor technical evidence to build rock solid patent invalidity arguments and refute patent assertion claims, TechInsights Prior Art Library will be invaluable.

Find out more about your subscription options to this unique library of technical analysis by contacting us now.

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