Put your patent portfolio to work

Do you have the information you need to make decisions about your portfolio – filing, culling, buying, selling, and licensing your patents?

Does your knowledge of your patent portfolio allow you to take quick action in response to a new challenge or opportunity?

Enabling the best fact-based decisions about your portfolio

Patent portfolio assessment and management:

  • organizes your portfolio to provide clear intelligence on its composition
  • identifies assets with potential use in the market
  • identifies surplus patents and portfolio deficiencies
  • allows you to create revenue generating strategies or cost-savings plans

Under pressure to save money on your patent maintenance fees?

Patent maintenance fees can be a sizeable expense. If you would like to realize significant savings, a portfolio audit can help you identify surplus patents and patents of limited value by:

  • helping you map your patents to technology, products and competitors
  • understanding which patents are valuable and which are not
  • identifying areas that are over-patented or patents that do not align to your business plans

Make understanding your portfolio easy

Our portfolio analysis approach helps you understand:

  • where your portfolio is strong or weak
  • how your portfolio stacks up against other portfolios of interest
  • your potential return on investment for a maintenance fee reduction program

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“What differentiated TechInsights was that they have the tools and the infrastructure to support ongoing management of the portfolio.” - Director of IP

“The analysis that TechInsights did was a key enabler of our organization being able to set a medium term objective of having all our internal IP costs covered through monetization activities.” - Director, Patent Monetization

The capacity and experience to support large portfolios

TechInsights has worked with the owners of some of the largest patent portfolios in the world. We have the tools and experience to provide insights and guidance on portfolios of over 10,000 patents.

Top patent holders work with us as an extension of their in-house team and rely on us because we have:

  • extensive experience with claims analysis and understand detectability and industry use
  • a large pool of experts in semiconductor, electronics and software to ensure comprehensive analysis
  • well-defined and proven processes that deliver consistent results
  • a suite of proprietary software tools to analyze and visualize portfolio composition

A look at the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage Portfolio

Microsoft recently launched a new service to their cloud customers offering protection against patent infringement lawsuits. TechInsights was given early access to the patents being made available to Microsoft’s customers via the Azure IP Advantage program. We used our IP analytics capabilities to evaluate some important metrics of the portfolio and compare it to a selection of Microsoft’s leading competitors.

What we looked at:


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