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Logic Subscriptions


Every foundry and fabless company have their own DTCO teams to ensure the design is optimized and differentiated to the intended target application. TechInsights suite of logic products provides insight into some of these interactions and factors.

The Logic Advantage

Logic content collectively provide information to help understand company’s DTCO (Design Technology CoOptimization) decisions and compromises. Our unique combination of deep semiconductor industry contacts, data analytics, with databases and information libraries that reach back seven decades, combined with our locations in the world's technology hot-spots make us perfectly suited for the development of the world's most distinguished semiconductor market research.
Logic Reverse Engineering Channels
  • Focused on leading-edge SoCs, typically high volume first-to-market devices produced by leading fabless, IDMs and foundries
  • Selections are also made based on the products that support technology benchmarking and evolution analysis across technology, company and their products
  • Enable competitive analysis to help understand some of the DTCO architecture decisions and compromises and market dynamics that help differentiate these products


Focuses on leading-edge SoCs and the technology used to manufacture through structural and materials analysis. It identifies differences or nuances between competing technologies and differences between process technology options from the same company. Process Analytics offers aggregated process data, helping you create visualizations and trends of company, product, and technology evolution.

Advanced Packaging provides insight on advanced chipset packaging through structural and materials analysis, critical dimensions of the key chip-to-chip interconnects, and information on form factors. Packaging Analytics provides tools to query TechInsights' data, conduct trend analysis, compare, and create visualizations of Advanced Packaging and other data within the Logic subscription.


This content assists in seeing the complete picture of process technologies and DC performance (Transistor Characterization). Understand the process, see the benchmark, and spot the trends. Transistor Characterization and Process Analytics assists you in conducting trend and predictive analysis of process data and its impact on transistor characterization (DC) performance through customized visualizations.


A high-level view of SoC design quality, focusing on leading-edge APU, CPU, GPU, AI accelerator, FPGA, baseband / connectivity, VPU, advanced MCU components, plus emerging applications such as AR and vision processing SoCs.


This content is focused on leading-edge advanced CMOS process technologies, process integration, and architecture analysis. Process Flow Analytics provides tools to query TechInsights' data, conduct trend analysis, perform comparisons, and create visualizations of process flow and other data within the Logic subscription.


Concentrates on high-volume, first-to-market SoCs from top fabless and foundry partnerships, this offers standard cell circuit extraction and layout analysis on key areas of cutting-edge SoCs. It gives insights on area and routing trade-offs and informs future design library choices. TechInsights' SoC Design Analytics enable querying data, trend analysis, comparisons, and visualizations within the Logic subscription.


Provides insight into the front end of line (FEOL) innovation that drives the world's most advanced technology solutions and how industry leaders deployed them (TSMC, Samsung, Intel) over the last three generations.


GDS layout extraction of key standard cells used in multiple areas of the leading-edge SoCs , focused on high volume first-to-market SoCs on leading fabless/foundry combinations. 16-20 standard cells extracted, schematics and GDS layout showing local routing . Image sets delivered as pdf report and GDSII files for each cell.



Analytics example: Impact of tool/process parameters on transistor performance

Discover fact-based, unique insights and trends with Analytics to inform your SoC design decisions, process technology, and equipment choices based on TechInsights’ unparalleled breadth and depth of semiconductor analysis accumulated over more than 25 years.

This foundation of unbiased data spanning multiple chip generations is what enables TechInsights Analytics to deliver real-time visualizations of developing trends and correlations to help you answer critical questions such as:

  • What is the impact of tool/process parameters on transistor performance? (Linking process feature parameters to DC parameters)
  • How does the I/O density of packaging technology scale as interconnect counts increase? (Correlation between I/O density and interconnect count)
  • What is the maximum die area per package area ratio that has been commercialized? (Relationship between package footprint and die size)


Learn more about the valuable insights revealed by Analytics in the TechInsights Platform.

Logic Market Analysis Channels

Our core coverage is of processors and SoCs for servers, PCs, supercomputers (HPC), smartphones, wearables, embedded systems, IoT devices, communications and networking equipment, and advanced automotive applications. We also cover licensable and open-source cores for CPU, DSP, graphics, and other functions. Many of our recent articles cover AI accelerators for cloud, edge, automotive, mobile, and IoT.


This report provides articles on the latest microprocessor news, covering a new product, technology, or trend. The content includes new companies, mergers and acquisitions, market shifts, SoC design and manufacturing technologies, and new design approaches.


This content provides the detailed market information needed to sort out the complexities of the communications semiconductor market. With this analysis, chip vendors, investors, and OEMs will readily see how big the mature product markets are and how fast the emerging categories are growing. Coverage focuses on processors, Ethernet ASSPs and adapters, and FPGAs.


This content covers hardware technologies and products from leading AI companies. The analysis provides deep technology analysis and head-to-head product comparisons, as well as analysis of company prospects in this rapidly developing market segment. We explain which products will win designs, and why. TechInsights’ unique technology analysis provides a forward-looking view, helping sort through competing claims and products.



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