About TechInsights

TechInsights is the information platform for the semiconductor industry.

Regarded as the most trusted source of actionable, in-depth intelligence related to semiconductor innovation and surrounding markets, TechInsights’ content informs decision makers and professionals whose success depends on accurate knowledge of the semiconductor industry—past, present, or future.

Over 650 companies and 85,000 users access the TechInsights Platform, the world’s largest vertically integrated collection of unmatched reverse engineering, teardown, and market analysis in the semiconductor industry. This collection includes detailed circuit analysis, imagery, semiconductor process flows, device teardowns, illustrations, costing and pricing information, forecasts, market analysis, and expert commentary. TechInsights’ customers include the most successful technology companies who rely on TechInsights’ analysis to make informed business, design, and product decisions faster and with greater confidence.

About TechInsights

Every year, TechInsights analyzes 750+ advanced technology products, catalogues 6,500+ components, and analyzes 2,000+ chips. We maintain the world’s largest database of semiconductor and technology analysis.

Who we are

By revealing the innovation others cannot inside the broadest range of advanced technology products, we enable business leaders to make the best technology investment decisions and prove patent value with fact-based information.

Our content informs decision-makers and professionals whose successes depend on accurate knowledge of the semiconductor industry – past, present, or future.

TechInsights’ unmatched reverse engineering analysis, images, and expert commentary are accessed through the TechInsights Platform, the world’s largest research library of semiconductor and market analysis. Our customers include the most successful technology companies, who rely on TechInsights’ analysis to make informed business decisions faster and with greater confidence.



In-house state-of-the-art laboratories with advanced tools and equipment for in-depth, world-class analysis



Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with over 500 employees and offices around the world



Provide solutions to over 200 global technology, semiconductor, and electronics companies

Your partner for revealing innovation and analyzing patent rights

Our core capabilities: Technical Analysis, Market Analysis, and Cost Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Technical Analysis

We help decision-makers in semiconductor, system, financial, and communication service provider companies make better-informed decisions on their product roadmaps with competitive technical intelligence.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

We help supply chain and procurement professionals understand the shape of the semiconductor market to come, and to more effectively negotiate with vendors and understand the true costs of technology products today.

Intellectual Property Services

Cost Analysis

We help competitive analysis teams at OEMs and component suppliers to understand design philosophies, and BOM costs through deep dive hardware teardowns of consumer electronics devices. This is delivered through the world's largest library of independent and non-biased teardowns. We also help supply chain and category management teams to understand pricing and lead-time trends for commodity electronic components engineers are selecting for new designs.

Our History

Founded in 1989 in Ottawa, Canada, TechInsights first appeared on the semiconductor scene as Semiconductor Insights when a small reverse engineering group was spun out from a memory design company.

Initially a services business, we provided engineering consultancy to deliver custom projects for clients. Over time, we generated significant content from those custom projects, so we began reselling content in the form of reports to other customers. The organization steadily grew both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, filling the market’s need for deep technical analysis on leading semiconductor technologies.

Although TechInsights has been the leading supplier of technical analysis in the semiconductor market since its inception, Chipworks was a strong competitor providing complementary technical expertise. Because of this complementary positioning, the two organizations combined forces in 2016 and unified in 2017. Through incredible dedication and focus on becoming the world’s foremost authority on semiconductor analysis, TechInsights has continued to expand its areas of coverage.

Strategic acquisitions between 2019 and 2021 allowed TechInsights to build upon its depth and breadth of semiconductor analysis with the addition of market and manufacturing analysis, pricing, and supply chain.

Today, The Platform

TechInsights is your definitive source for semiconductor analysis.

We continue our focus on growth, providing more value to industry professionals through the TechInsights Platform – the platform housing all our content, and the information platform for the semiconductor industry. Through the Platform users can access free, freemium, and premium TechInsights content in the forms of technology reports, expert commentary, market analysis, component pricing, bills of materials, roadmaps, and more.

The authoritative information platform to the semiconductor industry.

Discover why TechInsights stands as the semiconductor industry's most trusted source for actionable, in-depth intelligence.