Simplify patent investigation and reduce costs with access to the world’s largest collection of semiconductor and electronics analysis

Make informed decisions in all aspects of patent investigation. Every year we tear down hundreds of high-volume, advanced semiconductor technology products to provide accurate and detailed analysis to our customers.
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Offerings available are tailored to intellectual property professionals at any type of organization.
Semiconductor Reverse Engineering

Patent Departments

Make informed IP decisions more easily, from determining the value of patents to the extent of potential patent infringement.

Semiconductor Reverse Engineering

Licensing Entities

Monetize your patent portfolios with access to the analysis and tools needed to validate patents, focus on high-value innovations, and demonstrate infringement.

Semiconductor Reverse Engineering

Law Firms

Build stronger patent cases with access to the analysis and tools you need to find evidence of use, prove infringement impact, and understand patent value.

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The world's leading companies and firms use TechInsights analysis in all aspects of their IP business.
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Our collection of semiconductor and technology analysis covers over 100,000 components and devices spanning over 30 years.

Trusted Source of Analysis

Intellectual property professionals at the world’s most successful law firms, licensing entities, and manufacturing companies trust our analysis.

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intellectual property
Intuitive Platform Features

Access to advanced platform features and tools provide deeper insight into analysis.

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