We couple patent expertise with reverse engineering to help the world’s leading patent owners protect and grow their business.

New! Package Analysis of the SK-Hynix High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)

New! UMC 28 nm HKMG Process Detailed Structural Analysis

What our Clients Say

  • TechInsights' patent brokerage services’ differentiation is the database of reverse engineering and their ability to mine deeply for reads – which drives the value of any asset in a transaction.

    One of the main reasons for our ongoing work with TechInsights is the relationship. Our representative has a strong customer service approach along with technical depth, background and knowledge exemplifying everything that I value in a supplier relationship. - Silicon Valley Semiconductor Company

  • One of your biggest assets is the sheer size of your reverse engineering library.

    TechInsights has a broad product portfolio and that’s a real asset.

  • What differentiated TechInsights was that they have the tools and the infrastructure to support ongoing management of the portfolio.

    The analysis that TechInsights did was a key enabler of our organization being able to set a medium term objective of having all our internal IP costs covered through monetization activities.