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TechInsights' Automotive Connected Mobility (ACM) subscription offers a comprehensive analysis of vital components within the automotive industry, covering automobile subscriptions, mobility services, car sharing, and ride-hailing. This subscription involves a deep dive into regulatory landscapes, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) strategies, business frameworks, user experiences, and the financial performance of both public and private entities operating in these sectors.

Our analysis helps you understand current market trends and what the implications of them are for your company. Our analysts help you unpack the numbers to give you a competitive advantage.

In the ride-hailing industry, spanning 110+ countries and 100+ companies, our data provides comprehensive insights at country and company levels. We closely monitor quarterly performance for market leaders like Uber, Lyft, and Yandex. In the car-sharing sector across 50+ countries, we track 249 companies offering 350 services, delivering deep insights into trends and models. Our activity databases capture global dynamics, essential for informed decision-making in this fast-evolving industry.

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