What do Amazon and Google’s Latest Tablet Releases Say about the Market?

Amazon Tablet and Google Tablet
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Despite a tablet market beset by economic challenges and post-COVID saturation, May 2023 was a busy month for global tablet releases. People are using their tablets for more tasks than ever before, which is why several vendors launched their vision of what mobile computing should look like on a tablet.

Three vendors made waves with their newest detachables to double as entertainment and productivity devices, including a newcomer to the market, OnePlus. Amazon launched its first 11-inch detachable (Fire Max 11) while Huawei had a busy summer launch schedule across its mobile computing portfolio.

Analysis: Amazon, Huawei, OnePlus Broaden Detachable Segment

On top of that, Google released its long-awaited Pixel Tablet at the Google I/O event for June delivery. Rather than focusing on productivity or creativity, Google is squarely keeping the Pixel Tablet in the home for entertainment, smart home control, and ambient voice assistance.

There are few competitors left in this segment, which gives Google some room to redefine it and show how its partner OEMs can take advantage of it as well. The big question is what kind of follow-through and support Google will devote to this latest experiment.

Analysis: Google Plots a Different Course in Tablet Segment

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Eric Smith

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