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Teardown reports offer valuable intelligence on innovative technologies, form-factors, and feature sets relevant to electronics professionals. This ‘under the cover’ knowledge can provide insight into design win information, how the product works, innovative design features and even determine the relationships between components and devices.

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Access channel specific reports, images, supply chain relationships, and more, revealing the inner workings and secrets of innovative technologies, form factors, and feature sets.
Teardown Channels

Based on our advanced technical analysis and costing methodology, our channel reports are a cost-effective option for getting regular, timely insights on devices in the following channels: Mobile devices, wearables, gaming, SSDs, notebooks & tablets, smart home, IoT modules and the Component Price Landscape.

Our mobile handsets channel includes smartphones and tablets. Our device selection covers a variety of major geographical centers.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Apple, HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo
  • Projected number of teardowns: 185 reports annually


Our notebook & tablets channel provides teardowns of the highest volume devices worldwide in the notebook and tablet spaces. Device selection will offer insight into multiple segments including tablets, laptops, ultra-books and 2-in-1 detachable hybrids.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Xiaomi
  • Projected number of teardowns: 12 reports annually


Our wearables channel covers personal health and fitness wearable systems, smartwatches, virtual reality (VR) headsets, hearables, and action cameras.

  • Sample manufacturers include: FitBit, Garmin, Samsung, LG, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi
  • Projected number of teardowns: 30 reports annually


Our gaming channel focusses on gaming related devices such as controllers, consoles, AR/VR headsets, laptops, and GPUs.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Nintendo, Sony, Nvidia, Samsung, Sonos, Qualcomm
  • Projected number of teardowns: 30 reports annually


Teardowns will provide analyses on an assortment of products ranging from operator deployed Set-Top-Boxes and OEM media streaming devices to smart speakers, wifi routers, and surveillance cameras. Get insights on costing trends and design techniques across the smart home ecosystem.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Amazon, Google, Roku, Apple, Samsung, Sony
  • Projected number of teardowns: 30 reports annually


Our SSDs channel represents a sampling of industry leaders in the SSD space. Uncover the driving forces behind density increases and cost reductions.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Samsung, Micron, Intel, SK hynix, SanDisk, Toshiba
  • Projected number of teardowns: 10 reports annually


With increasing focus on edge computing, industrial IoT, and AI, IoT modules are a key component in enabling the intercommunication of devices through the internet. This channel uncovers technical innovation in IoT Modules in cutting edge consumer electronics to reveal key competitive insight on market leaders.

  • Sample manufacturers include: Gemalto, Google, Arduino, Nvidia
  • Projected number of teardowns: 12 reports annually


The Component Price Landscape (CPL) is a quarterly service that uniquely provides manufacturer part number(MPN)-level benchmark and forecast pricing and leadtimes for 50,000+ MPNs, representing over 220,000+ form, fit, or function MPNs. The MPNs in CPL are high-volume, multi-sourced components used in a wide variety of electronic devices.


The Bill of Materials (BOM) Database offers in-depth cost estimates and design wins for thousands of products. TechInsights’ cost modelling is based on 3,000+ metrics from our teardown analysis.

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