Mobile RF Subscriptions

Mobile RF Subscriptions

5G networks are driving huge opportunities for innovation

Accelerate product development and highlight opportunities for differentiation/increased design wins by enabling a full view of the competitive landscape.

Mobile RF Subscriptions


Engineers and RF System Designers must quickly rise to the challenge of reducing power and space consumption, improving performance and minimizing signal loss in 5G mmWave systems.

The Mobile RF Advantage

Mobile RF

Detailed analyses on components across the entire RF Front End system of leading-edge mobile devices to reveal comprehensive insight from the antenna to the transceiver.
Mobile RF Channels

Gain valuable data about your top competitors’ latest RF innovations. Speed up development and time to market with the latest competitive technical intelligence on 5G market leaders and disruptors.

Provides the most detailed RF front end block diagrams (from the antennae to the RF transceiver) for flagship 5G handsets in the industry for an in-depth understanding of RF front end design. There is no black boxing, and the reports include all passives in the system, antenna tuners, filters, FEM high-level layout, pin ins/pin outs, circuit board delayering, and cross-probing between the schematic and the layout of the physical printed circuit board (PCB).


Provides insight into competitive designs including high level block identification, high level process data and manufacturing costs for leading-edge 5G and FR2 transceivers in flagship handsets across market leaders and disruptors.


Focuses on power supply management, which is a key design challenge for RF Front End systems within market leading 5G handsets. Provides insight into competitive designs including high level block identification, high level process data and manufacturing costs for envelope/average power trackers and FR2 PMICs from recent 5G smartphone platforms and wearables.


Provides more insight on how leading manufacturers are shifting away from discrete components to more space efficient solutions like power amplifier modules (PAM) and transceiver antenna modules. Shows interconnectivity of the die, filters and components from highly integrated RF Front End Modules (FEMs) found on cutting-edge designs from the latest 5G handsets.


Enables a better comparison and understanding of how design constraints and challenges are addressed for leading-edge 5G and FR2 transceivers. Includes and and builds on the Transceiver Floorplan content to identify key functional blocks and the connections between them.


Enables a better comparison and understanding of how design constraints for power supply management are addressed. Includes and builds on the Front End Power Management Floorplan content to provide detailed block level architecture of envelope/average power trackers and FR2 PMICs.


Reveals how leading manufacturers are addressing space and power challenges in RF power amplifiers (PAs), low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and RF switches found on current RF Front End Modules. Extends the analysis from the Front End Module Architecture content to reveal more detailed insight at the circuit level.


Enables the comparison of various RFIC advanced packaging implementations to gain a better understanding of how they impact RF system design. This includes aspects such as DC and RF performance pertaining to module packaging, size and thermals, and heterogeneous integration. Analysis includes SEM cross-sectional and EDS materials analyses.


Provides more insight into filter design strategies and their integration in RF front end (RFFE) SiPs to support evolving 5G demands and requirements. This content includes structural, materials, and topographical analyses of acoustic filters from highly integrated 5G RF Front End Modules and System-in-Packages (SiPs).


RFIC Process adds structural and materials analysis coverage to the existing Front End Module Architecture (FEM ARC) and Front End Die Circuit channels for Antenna in Packages (AiP’s) and RF Front End (RF FE) modules.



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