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Many interacting design and process factors impact SoC performance and manufacturing cost. A TechInsights Logic Subscription provides dependable, fact-based insight across the high-volume, first-to-market devices to support technology benchmarking and evolution analysis across leading fabless companies, IDMs, and foundries. Curated insight is provided into the performance, application, and functionality across individual SoCs and aggregated across market segments. This combination of technical and market intelligence provides differentiated and unparalleled insight to support strategic organizational decision-making with quantitative data.

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SMIC 7nm tech found in MinerVa Bitcoin Miner

Development highlights China’s growing local options in response to international sanctions


Digital Floorplan

Provides high-level design analysis on efficiencies and strategies of leading-edge logic, high-performance computing, and emerging applications such as augmented reality (AR) and vision processing SoCs (system-on-chips)


Focuses on leading-edge SoCs and the technology used for manufacturing through structural and materials analysis. It identifies differences or nuances between competing technologies and between process technology options from the same company.

SoC Design Analysis

Focuses on high-volume first-to-market SoCs on leading fabless/foundry combinations, provides standard cell circuit extraction and layout analysis on multiple areas of leading-edge SoCs and the insight on trade-offs between area and routing compromises, as well as knowledge on design library choices to help support future design library decisions. The layout analysis also includes GDSII files for the extracted cells. Standard cells are extracted, routing efficiency assessed, and accurate gate density metrics are calculated.

Process Flow Analysis

(Requires a subscription to Process & Advanced Packaging)

Focuses on leading-edge advanced CMOS process technologies, process integration, and architecture analysis. Enhance your Advanced Process & Packaging subscription with Process Flow Analysis (PFA), Process Flow Full Emulation (PFF), and more.

Transistor Characterization

See the complete picture of process technology and DC performance. Understand the process, see the performance, and spot the trends.

Transistor Architecture Comparison

Provides insight into the Front End of Line (FEOL) innovation that drives the world's most advanced technology solutions and how they were deployed by industry leaders (TSMC, Samsung, Intel) over the last three technology generations.

Advanced Packaging

Provides insight on advanced chipset packaging through structural and materials analysis, critical dimensions of the key chip-to-chip interconnects, and information on form factors.


(Requires a subscription to Digital Floorplan, SoC design, Process, Process Flow Analysis, Packaging, or Transistor Characterization)

Provides tools with which to query TechInsights’ data, conduct independent analysis, perform comparisons, and create visualizations using data from multiple channels within the Logic vertical. Data are aggregated from reports within the channel to enable customers to create their own analysis and curation.

Microprocessor Report

Provides articles on the latest microprocessor news, each covering a new product, technology, or trend. Content includes new companies, mergers and acquisitions, market shifts, new technologies for SoC design and manufacturing, and new design approaches. Topics covered include Processors and SoCs, licensable and open-source processor cores, AI accelerators, wired and wireless communication protocols, special-purpose chips, and new memories.

Communications Market Service

Provides the detailed market information needed to sort out the dynamics of this market. With these reports, chip vendors, investors, and OEMs will readily see which companies are the leading suppliers in a given product market, how these companies' standings have changed over the past year, how big the mature product markets are, and how fast the emerging categories are growing. Coverage focuses on processors, Ethernet ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Product) and adapters, and FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Array).

AI Processor Service

Covers hardware technologies and products from more than 55 companies. The 300+ page report provides deep technology analysis, head-to-head product comparisons, and analysis of company prospects in the rapidly developing market segment of deep learning/AI. Explanations are provided on which products will win designs and why. Our unique technology analysis provides a forward-looking view, helping sort through competing claims and products.

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