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Patent landscaping provides a comprehensive snapshot of patenting activity in an application or technology area, in jurisdictions of interest.

TechInsights offers a variety of landscaping solutions designed to answer your questions and fit your budget and timelines. Understand:

your current and future competitive landscape

'whitespace' gaps in technology that are opportunities for innovation

potential patents for acquisition or businesses for strategic partnership

Experts in research, data collection and interpretation

TechInsights’ patent landscaping team develops custom taxonomies based on your application, technology or business requirements.

Our long history of patent analysis and exposure to a broad array of technologies means that we are often able to uncover trends that others miss.

We deliver unique insights and clarity allowing you to focus on using the analysis rather than interpreting it.

Your one-stop shop solution

We have in-house technical knowledge across many technology sectors and their use.

Our patent landscaping team is backed up by our library of technical analysis and experience in support licensing and litigation.

Our analysts understand patent supportability, validity, and industry use. They leverage their experience proving patent value when identifying quality patents in a landscape.

We are able to follow-up on findings of landscaping work to achieve tactical and strategic objectives.

Actionable recommendations backed by solid evidence

Every client enquiry is unique. We focus on understanding your objectives and designing the landscape analysis to answer your specific need. Our analysts will work closely with you at all stages from project inception, execution and post-delivery support.

We use a blend of automation, proprietary analyses and human intelligence to deliver the contextualized results you need.

Recognizing that your time is valuable, we specialize in providing actionable intelligence that you can immediately use rather than providing off-the-shelf landscape reports.

Short on time? Our IP analytics solution has you covered

For fast and accurate analysis of large patent portfolios TechInsights’ IP analytics solution combines advanced patent landscaping tools with TechInsights’ proprietary patent classification expertise.

Detailed cluster maps offer a single graphical representation of any portfolio and the advanced classification dataset categorizes each patent into intelligent technology areas.

You’ll get a quick, accurate perspective enabling you to make informed IP decisions.

Patent Portfolio Management: Best Practices in 2018

In this Webcast, a panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by the Knowledge Group will provide and present to the audience an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals of Patent Portfolio Management. The speakers will help the audience understand the implications of the recent trends and developments in patent portfolio management. They will identify practical tips in implementing an efficient and effective patent portfolio management program. Going beyond the basics, the speakers will also provide the audience with the best practices and strategies to maximize the patent portfolio benefits and opportunities while minimizing risks and legal pitfalls.

Key topics include:

  • Patent Portfolio Management: Practical Tips and Strategies
  • Significant Issues and Trends in 2018
  • Opportunities and Legal Pitfalls
  • Common Risks and Pitfalls
  • What Lies Ahead

Patent Landscaping

Enabling patent-powered decision making

  • A foundry company expanding into the IoT chipsets market space wanted to understand IP related to IoT connectivity and sensors
  • A medical device company wanted insight into the roadmap of one of their main competitors based on historical patent filings and the introduction of patented technical features in commercial products
  • A major IT company wanted to identify potential buyers for its large telecommunications patent portfolio based on identifying companies that bought telecommunications related patents in past 3 years
  • A well-funded start-up in energy harvesting wanted to understand the patent landscape of competing solutions to ascertain its competitive positioning in its bid for additional financing

A look at the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage Portfolio

Microsoft recently launched a new service to their cloud customers offering protection against patent infringement lawsuits. TechInsights was given early access to the patents being made available to Microsoft’s customers via the Azure IP Advantage program. We used our IP analytics capabilities to evaluate some important metrics of the portfolio and compare it to a selection of Microsoft’s leading competitors.

What we looked at:

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