TechInsights helps patent owners develop, manage and use their patent portfolios to meet their business objectives.

We apply a systematic approach to portfolio structure and patent analysis to identify assets with potential. The data generated by this process enables fact-based decision making with respect to patent filing, culling, buying, selling, and assertion strategies.

Use Assets



TechInsights is the trusted technology and patent analysis provider behind some of the world’s most successful licensing campaigns. From identification of high revenue products to evidence of use documentation in negotiation-ready format to courtroom support.

Includes 4 steps:

  1. Company Research
  2. Patent Mining
  1. Evidence
  2. Evidence of Use


TechInsights can help you to evaluate your exposure, acquire patents to build an effective defense, develop a counter assertion program or help challenge patent validity through prior art or non-infringement analysis.


  • Prior Use Analysis
  • Non-Infringement Analysis

Develop and Manage Assets

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

Enabling the best fact-based decisions about your portfolio, making understanding your portfolio easy. Patent maintenance fees can be a sizeable expense. If you would like to realize significant savings, a portfolio audit can help you identify surplus patents and patents of limited value.


  • Portfolio Sort
  • Portfolio Prioritize
  • Portfolio Review
  • Taxonomy Model
  • Portfolio Analytics
IP Landscape

IP Landscape

Patent landscaping provides a comprehensive snapshot of patenting activity in a market or technology area, in jurisdictions of interest. TechInsights offers a variety of landscaping solutions designed to answer your questions and fit your budget and timelines.


  • IP Analytics
  • Corporate IP Due Diligence


Develop a better quality portfolio by identifying IoU of early market adaption, stregthen family by identifying unclaimed valuable innovations, or abandon applications with issues.


  • Indication of Use
  • Strengthening Family
  • Abandonment Due Diligence

Trusted patent and technology partner

The largest and most successful IP owners in the world rely on our team of patent professionals and technical analysts.

Our clients include 37 of the top 50 U.S. patent holders, who trust the insights we provide to find, evaluate, and fully leverage patents to support their business goals and protect their markets.

Trust us to provide the information and analysis you need to help leverage your intellectual property and create new income for your business.

Process and experience you can rely on

  • Industry respected Evidence of Use
  • Proven processes supported by our comprehensive technical library and industry expertise
  • Robust chain of custody and rigorous conflict of interest policies
  • Post-delivery support from the analysts who performed the analysis

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