Get the most accurate and insightful technology intelligence in the world

    Teardown.com is a subscription-based service that gives you 24/7 online access to channel specific reports, images, genealogy charts and more, revealing the inner workings and secrets of innovative technologies, form factors, and feature sets. Using the most advanced reverse-engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world our data provides


    • Deep insights into design win information
    • Details on how the product is built and how it works
    • Innovative design features and even supply chain relationships.


    Teardown reports also include an in-depth cost estimate of the bill of materials (BOM).





    What Teardown can do for...

    Product Managers

    Define your next great product – the features it needs, and the budget it will require – including comparison data from competing products

    Strategic Planners

    Assess market wins, the most competitive components out there, and emerging technology trends to help you plan your roadmap


    Select the components that best meet your requirements, including performance, costing and competitive analyses

    Procurement Professionals

    Ensure you are paying the best price for components based on function, vendor, cost category, and cost drivers


    Access the data you need faster than ever

    A subscription to Teardown.com gives you the data you need - instantly. Using a high-speed search engine, you have access to our latest teardown data. View or download images and reports; compare products and determine the relationships between components and devices through detailed genealogy charts. With Teardown.com, you’ll always be on top of our latest teardown data through email notifications or your favorites settings.



    Get specialized technical insights in one of three easy ways

    1. Channel subscription

      – our most cost-effective option for getting regular, timely insights on devices we teardown in the following channels:  
    2. Individual reports

      – download any teardown report from our e-store


    3. Custom reports

      – ideal when you need a device, component, technology or product analyzed and it is not already available through our channel subscription or as a standalone report.



    Just want the data?

    Checkout our popular IRIS web-based tool.



    Engineering, Product Management, and Procurement Professionals use teardown data to:

    • Go to market faster with winning products
    • Design better products
    • Find new business opportunities
    • Avoid getting caught off guard by surprises and disruptive events
    • Understand the competitive landscape (design wins, costing)
    • Make better procurement decisions
    • Make better product decisions
    • And more