Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI's Advancements Spur Surge in Demand for Cutting-Edge Semiconductors

We have met a tipping point when AI is beginning to compete with human intelligence and indeed even replace humans in some specific tasks. This is driving a new market for advanced semiconductors. TechInsights data on AI covers chips to devices to its use in the consumer and enterprise sectors. We can provide an unique insight into this fast moving and dynamic space.

TechInsights on AI


The era of AI is here. TechInsights provides you with unique end to end insights, from the chips to the devices to its usage.

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

Need real intelligence on AI? Move beyond the hype and hyperbole surrounding AI and dive into our rich data, from the nanometer scale of semiconductors to the Global scale of the market for the use of AI in autonomous driving.
TechInsights’ analysis on AI includes:
  • Digital floorplans and design analyses of the latest advanced AI processors, and other semiconductor such as advanced memory required for AI.
  • Tracking the strategies and roadmaps of the major semiconductor players.
  • Sizing and tracking the market for server infrastructure and cloud AI.
  • Sizing the market for consumer devices which incorporate AI, such as autonomous vehicles and smart home electronics.
  • Practical use cases of generative AI.
TechInsights’ analysis and commentary on AI will provide you with the data and insight you need to answer questions like:
  • What are the latest innovations in AI?
  • What is the size of the AI opportunity?
  • What is the competitive environment?
  • Who are the key players, and what is their strategy?
  • What use cases will drive AI uptake?

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