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Our unique combination of deep semiconductor industry contacts, data analytics, with databases and information libraries that reach back seven decades.

Our core coverage is of processors and SoCs for servers, PCs, supercomputers (HPC), smartphones, wearables, embedded systems, IoT devices, communications and networking equipment, and advanced automotive applications. We also cover licensable and open-source cores for CPU, DSP, graphics, and other functions. Many of our recent articles cover AI accelerators for cloud, edge, automotive, mobile, and IoT.

Processor Analysis Subscriptions


Combined with our locations in the world's technology hot-spots make us perfectly suited for the development of the world's most distinguished semiconductor market research.

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Our experts possess the unique combination of technical expertise and specific market knowledge to help you successfully navigate the complexities of these markets. With broad backgrounds in product design, marketing, management, and industry analysis, we deliver informed, real-world perspectives to your issues.
Processor Analysis

This industry-leading weekly journal covers new Microprocessors and SoCs, providing insight into their target application and market, and differentiation from their competitive products. This will expand your access to more of the information you need to compete globally and enhance your ability to make fact-based decisions that will impact your business faster and more effectively.


This annual subscription is updated quarterly and covers hardware technologies and products from more than 55 companies. The 300+ page report provides deep technology analysis and head-to-head product comparisons, as well as analysis of company prospects in this rapidly developing market segment. We explain which products will win designs, and why. TechInsights’ unique technology analysis provides a forward-looking view, helping sort through competing claims and products.


This subscription provides the detailed market information needed to sort out the complexities of the communications semiconductor market. With this analysis, chip vendors, investors, and OEMs will readily see how big the mature product markets are and how fast the emerging categories are growing.



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