Product Code
Release Date
Product Item Code
Device Manufacturer
Power Integrations Inc
Device Type
GaN Power IC
Power Semiconductor
Power Semiconductor - Power Essentials
Power Integrations INN3370C-H302-TL GaN Power Essentials Folder
This report presents a Power Essentials analysis of the Power Integrations INN3370C-H302-TL InnoSwitch3-Pro Family with PowiGaNTM technology. The INN3370C-H302-TL is a 750 V digitally controllable (via an I2C interface), off-line, constant voltage/constant current CV/CC Quasi-Resonant (QR) flyback switch integrated circuit (IC). The device combines a high-voltage (HV) 750 V power GaN normally-on high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) switch with a silicon (Si) MOSFET in a cascode configuration. The integrated device includes two controller ASIC dies.

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