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SiC Power FET
Power Semiconductor
Power Semiconductor - Power Essentials
Cree C2M0045170P SiC Power Essentials Folder
This report presents a Power Essentials analysis of the Wolfspeed SiC Power MOSFET (1700V/72A/45mꭥ). The device features an optimized package with separate driver source pin, high blocking voltage with low on-resistance, reduced switching losses and minimized gate ringing, easy to parallel and simple to drive. Applications include solar inverter, SMPS, high voltage DC/DC converter, and pulsed power. The complete PEF deliverable includes a one-page summary of observed device metrics and salient features, supported by the following unannotated image folders:
  • Package optical photographs, package X-ray images, die photographs, optical photographs of die features
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) plan-view images of the device delayered to the gate level
  • Exploratory cross-sectional plan-view SEM images of the device structure
  • Detailed cross-sectional scanning microwave impedance microscopy (sMIM) analysis of the dopant structures
  • The image set for a standard Power Essentials project is derived from a delayered sample for SEM planar analysis, a single plane of cross-sectioning for SEM structural analysis, and a single sMIM sample for the detailed structural analysis. Value add information such as additional planes of cross-sectioning, may be included on a case-by-case basis

The Power Essentials deliverable provides basic competitive benchmarking information and enables cost-effective tracking of multiple competitors’ technology.

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