Our subscription-based service gives you 24/7 online access to channel specific reports, images, supply chain relationships, and more, revealing the inner workings and secrets of innovative technologies, form factors, and feature sets. Using the most advanced reverse-engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world our data provides:

Deep insights into design win information

Details on how the product is built

Innovative design features and supply chain relationships

In-depth cost estimate of the bill of materials (BOM) included

Our Value

By revealing the innovation others can’t inside advanced technology, we prove patent value and drive the best IP and technology investment decisions.

Technical and product teams for the world’s most innovative and disruptive technology companies use our insights to make the best technology investment decisions.

By combining deep patent knowledge with the most advanced reverse engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world we have demonstrated an unrivaled ability to match patents to products and deliver solid evidence of use in advance technology markets.

Depth and Breadth of Analysis

TechInsights analyses thousands of devices each year, from system level, right through to the silicon.

  • Teardown and analyze 750+ products
  • Catalogue 6,500+ components
  • Analyze 2,000+ chips per year

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