Electric Vehicle Technologies Webinar: An in-depth analysis from the market to the semiconductor


Electric Vehicle Technologies Webinar

An in-depth analysis from the market to the semiconductor

The global drive towards green energy is accelerating. Ten years ago, electric vehicles (EVs) were a novelty making up less than 1% of the global automotive market. Today the largest global car manufacturer by market capitalization is a company that solely manufactures electric vehicles. Every other major manufacturer now has EVs front and center of their roadmaps. Not only this but government intervention globally will outlaw the sale of non-electric vehicles to a large portion of the world’s population by the middle of this century.

This webinar will be jointly delivered by Strategy Analytics, Munro & Associates, and TechInsights. Each organization brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion, with Strategy Analytics covering market information, Munro & Associates covering electronic systems, schematics, components, and mechanical structures, and TechInsights analyzing components at the semiconductor level.

The agenda for this event is as follows:

Strategy Analytics will explore:

  • The Outlook for xEV in light duty vehicles – looking at legislation, infrastructure, incentives and consumer demand in regional hotspots
  • Power electronics integration trends – who are the potential winners and losers in this space, as well as what’s being integrated and why?
  • The outlook for silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) – where will they be used, and why?

Munro & Associates will compare inverters they have analyzed from Tesla, Nissan, and Jaguar, focusing in on different applications of silicon and silicon carbide at a functional level.

Having analyzed the leading silicon carbide MOSFET technologies, TechInsights will discuss the major players, their technology choices and how they tie into the strict reliability standards required by the automotive industry.

Electric Vehicle Technologies Webinar


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