China gaining ground in Mobile RF Front End technology despite restrictions


Webinar-China and Mobile RF

Despite technological restrictions, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro signifies the resurgence of the Chinese smartphone industry. Huawei and HiSilicon are now challenging their Western counterparts and TechInsights’ explores this in the upcoming webinar China gaining ground in Mobile RF Front End technology despite restrictions.

In this session, our experts will review the Mate 60 Pro Mobile radio architecture and RF FE design followed by a discussion on the key sub-3 GHz module, the MHB L-PAMiD, we’ll discuss how it stacks up against similar modules from Qorvo, Skyworks and Avago. We will close the webinar with a discussion on RF Filters, RF FE Module Packaging and RFIC Process, as applicable to the Mate 60 series of smartphones.

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Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor:
Director, RF & Wireless Components service

As the Director of the RF & Wireless Components Service at TechInsights, Christopher Taylor has over 38 years of experience in the semiconductor industry including digital, mixed-signal, optoelectronics, and electronic equipment and materials. Christopher is widely recognized as the go-to expert in semiconductors and microwave acoustic devices in all wireless systems, having written or commissioned more than 300 published reports and creating the RF & Wireless Components market research and strategic advisory service at Strategy Analytics.

In his role, Christopher provides leadership and market research and technology assistance to companies involved in high volume radio components for wireless systems including mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and UWB systems. He has a passion for exploring the commercial applications of new semiconductor technologies in wireless and RF and enjoys helping clients navigate rapid technological changes. He’s able to rely on his background in physics to evaluate the underlying technologies in development for new wireless standards, and to forecast the effects of changes on markets and on the fortunes of companies.

Radu Trandafir

Radu Trandafir :
RF Subject Matter Expert

Radu Trandafir is a mobile RF subject matter expert within the Technology Office at TechInsights. Radu’s background includes more than 25 years in designing, engineering, analyzing, and reverse engineering hardware and software systems. Having led the Systems and S/W Analysis team for more than seven years, Radu is well versed in analyzing technology, comparing technology to patents, and conducting functional testing of a wide range of technologies. He has an extensive background in RF hardware systems design.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan:
Senior Circuit Analyst

John Sullivan is a Senior IP Solutions Analyst with TechInsights. His more than 20 years within the organization – first with Chipworks, now TechInsights – have seen him in several different roles, from Circuit & Patent Analyst, Engineering Circuit Manager, to the IP side of the house, and into his current position. His experience has made him a well-rounded patent analyst and reverse engineering professional. His current role involves planning and executing programs that help TechInsights clients leverage their intellectual property.

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