Webinar: ALD/ALE Process in Commercially Available Logic Devices


ALD/ALE Process in Commercially Available Logic Devices

2018 saw the introduction of a new generation of logic products featuring finFET transistors headlined by Intel with their 10 nm generation microprocessor, followed by TSMC and Samsung towards the end of the year with their 7 nm node devices.

This presentation on the Atomic Layer Disposition/Atomic Layer Etching (ALD/ALE) process examines some of the different structures we have seen during the evolution of these logic technologies, in particular the latest 7 nm and 10 nm devices. We also discuss several historical applications of ALD/ALE technology that have been observed through reverse engineering, and we highlight the importance of ALD/ALE process in advanced logic devices. In many cases, the technology could not have advanced without the implementation of ALD/ALE.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Senior Analyst

Rajesh Krishnamurthy is a senior analyst for TechInsights, an Ottawa, Canada-based reverse engineering company. TechInsights analyses a broad range of devices, giving Rajesh a unique overview of what technologies make into the real world of semiconductor production.

Rajesh graduated in 1998 with PhD in Materials Engineering from University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada. Rajesh has more than 20 years of experience working as an analyst, focusing on semiconductor process development, and R&D of semiconductor materials and devices. He joined the TechInsights team in 2006.

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ALD/ALE Process in Commercially Available Logic Devices Webinar

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