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    Make the most informed, fact-based IP decisions

  • At your fingertips, a unique vault of trusted, accurate data

    Every year, TechInsights tears down hundreds of high-volume, advanced semiconductor technology products from top manufacturers and innovative up-and-comers alike.

    Our analysis goes as deep as required to reveal the inner workings and secrets behind a broad range of products.

    From mobile devices and drones to SSDs and wearables, if it’s disruptive, innovative, and it has a semiconductor component you’ll probably find it here: the largest library of reliable, accurate semiconductor technical data and analysis of its kind in the world.

    You can access all this technical data using Tech Library that features a powerful search engine and user-friendly interface.

    There’s no library like it

    • 3,500+ products
    • 39,000+ components
    • 24,000+ dies
    • 5,000+ detailed reports
    • 530,000+ images
    • 400+ schematic sets

    Better data. Better decisions.

    Tech Library is a subscription-based service that gives you 24/7 online access to the world’s largest library of semiconductor technical data and analysis:

    Over 30-years of analysis by TechInsights using state-of the-art reverse engineering facilities

    Unique genealogy shows at-a-glance the relationship between products, components, and dies for easier, faster deep-dive analysis

    Enables the most fact-based IP decisions to support a wide range of use cases including licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution

    Search, find, plan…with confidence

    Use Tech Library to augment many conventional research artifacts such as datasheets, white papers, conference proceedings and other data sources in the public domain.

    While these assets are important, finding evidence using technical data increases the value of a patent and make a more convincing argument.

    Tech Library enables you to quickly broaden your search and drill down on potential evidence of use that match your patents to other products, components, and dies.

    When you find hard technical evidence, the value of your patents and the potential value of any licensing agreement goes up.

    We’ve got what you’re looking for

    Access a rich source of analysis by manufacturer, devices by technology, and products by application.

    Analysis by manufacturer include:
    Samsung, Qualicomm, Texas Instruments, MediaTek, Intel, Apple, Broadcom, Xiaomi, LG, Nokia, Huawei, and many others.

    Products by application include:
    Smartphones, Power Supplies and Batteries, Computer Peripherals, Tablets, GPS, Cameras, Wearables, Storage, Automotive, and others.

    Devices by technology include:
    Sensors Actuators, Communications ICs, Standard Linear/Power, Memory, Application Specific Analogy, Application Specific IC, Microcontrollers, and many others.


  • Supports valuable use cases

    Use fact-based IP decisions to support a wide range of use cases including licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution.

    “I want to target Company X’s application processors.”

    Targeting a manufacturer’s technology

    “I have a patent and want to find out who’s using it.”

    Finding evidence of use against a patent

    “Who else is using the chip that infringes on my patent?”

    Expanding revenue coverage

    Tech Library is used by internal IP teams who are spearheading technical research to evaluate their options and plan successful IP campaigns. Specifically, legal personal, program managers, and engineers use Tech Library to:

    • Conduct preliminary and deeper dive technical analysis
    • Find evidence of use to create court defensible claim charts
    • Drive fact-based campaign planning and decision making
    • Discover potential infringement in products, components or dies of competitors
    • Find targets that will give the highest potential licensing payback
    • Obtain hard, accurate data for planning a potential defensive strategy or assertion case
    • Make better decisions about potential patent portfolio acquisition – or culling
    • And many other IP initiatives that demand deep, accurate, and reliable analysis from a trusted source

    Easy search and navigation

    Tech Library uses a high-speed search engine and user-friendly interface to access over 30 years of reverse engineering technical analysis and insights.

    Modeled on other high-powered, searchable sites – you simply type in key words from your laptop or tablet from any browser. Tech Library returns matches on whatever you are looking for. From initial search returns, you can do a deeper-dive or refine your search to potential matches.

    Unique genealogy views saves you hours

    Only Tech Library enables you to view – and explore in seconds – product, component, and die relationships. See at a glance where re-use occurs to expand your target list!

    Customized analysis available

    Invaluable if:

    • Our library doesn’t include data and analysis in an area you need
    • You need more in-depth data and analysis that exceeds your in-house capabilities
    • Our Customized Analysis services are tailored to your specific needs and give you the critical insight you need to build a stronger IP case, winning more market share.

    • Gives, flexible online access to the world’s largest library of accurate semiconductor technical data and analysis – available 24/7
    • Online viewing of over 5,000 reports provide deep insights that reveal how products work and why
    • Gives you access to all our data – teardown images, advanced images, reports and schematics
    • Quickly search for products, components and dies
    • Customizable search queries
    • Technology reports include product teardowns, die utilization, structural and process analysis, and circuit extraction
    • Unique Genealogy function shows at a glance the relationship between products, components, and dies
    • Augments conventional research methods such as datasheets, white papers, conference papers
    • Supports a wide range of IP use cases:
      • Assertion (licensing, strengthening)
      • Transaction (both Buy and Sell sides)
      • Defense
    • Daily updates mean you have immediate access to all the latest data and analysis