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    Every year, TechInsights tears down hundreds of high-volume, advanced semiconductor technology products from top manufacturers and innovative up-and-comers alike.

    Our analysis goes as deep as required to reveal the inner workings and secrets behind a broad range of products.

    From mobile devices and SSDs to automotive components and wearables, if it is disruptive, innovative, and it has a semiconductor component you will probably find it here: the largest library of reliable, accurate semiconductor technical data and analysis of its kind in the world.

    You can access all this technical data using TechInsights Library, which features a powerful search engine and user-friendly interface.

    There is no library like it

    • 3,500+ products
    • 39,000+ components
    • 24,000+ dies
    • 5,000+ detailed reports
    • 530,000+ images
    • 400+ schematic sets

    Subscription Offerings

    Semiconductor Library

    Comprehensive technical analysis on the broadest range of products less than 5 years old.

    Supports licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture and prosecution

    Prior Art Semiconductor

    Comprehensive technical analysis on the broadest range of products from 1977 to 5 years ago.

    Augment traditional sources of information when searching for prior art.

    Design Wins Library

    Use fact-based IP decisions to support a wide range of use cases including licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution.

    Plan your assertion campaign to maximize your revenue.