• SK hynix H28U74301AMR 3D NAND Flash

  • TechInsights is analyzing the latest entrant into the 3D NAND market, the SK hynix H28U74301AMR found in the LG Electronics model F800L, aka the V20.

    In mid 2014, we analyzed the Samsung 3D V-NAND uncovered in a Samsung SSD. Two years later in the iPhone 7 we observe and begin analyzing the Toshiba 3D BiCS2 NAND. Within 2 weeks of the iPhone 7 and the Toshiba 3D NAND, LG ships the V20, and inside we have found the SK hynix 3D NAND.

    TechInsights will produce an Advanced CMOS Essentials in-depth process analysis on the Toshiba 48 layer 3D NAND. The Advanced CMOS Essentials (ACE) deliverable for NAND Flash chips comprises a concise analyst’s summary document highlighting observed critical dimensions and salient features. WE will also be producing an in-depth circuit design analysis reports on the Toshiba 48 layer 3D NAND Flash.

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    Our reports are delivered in a CircuitVision™ format. This provides a highly interactive, easy to navigate view into circuit designs, and the physical implementation on the IC. Allowing our customers to gain a deep understanding of device functionality, structure, and layout.

    Interested in Circuit Analysis on this device? Lean about our circuit capabilities here, and contact us.

    Expert Commentary

    Inside SK Hynix's 3D NAND

    TechInsights explores SK Hynix's U-shaped NAND cell architecture.

    We at TechInsights have been waiting for SK Hynix 3D NAND products and their cell architecture for many years.
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