• Whether you’re licensing, litigating, or evaluating patents, finding evidence of use is a key to confirming patent value.

    Inside Technology can help.

    Get instant access to the world’s largest technical database with years of analysis, images, reports, and schematics for tens of thousands of technology devices worldwide.


    Access the largest technical product database in the world

    Inside Technology is a subscription-based service that gives you 24/7 online access to the TechInsights technical archive:

    • the largest library of technical intelligence in the world
    • includes multiple generations of products
    • over 10,000 reports and reference material with incisive analysis
    • subscriptions options are tailored to your business needs

    Get the facts you need

    Most evidence of use today is based on datasheets, white papers, conference proceedings, and other limited data available in the public domain and potentially searchable on the web. That’s a fraction of what’s available.

    You need fast, cost-effective access to in-depth reverse engineering analysis to find hard, technical evidence – and confirm direct hits against your patent.

    That’s exactly what you get with Inside Technology

    Inside Technology enables you to quickly and easily map patents to evidence so you can:

    • build fact-based claim charts for licensing or litigation
    • make better buying decisions about patent portfolio acquisition

    When you find hard technical evidence, the value of your patents and the potential value of any licensing agreement goes up.


    Continuously growing repository – think outside your box!

    The beauty and the power of Inside Technology is its ability to take you out of your immediate market – and discover potential evidence of use in completely different or unrelated markets.

    We add an average of 400 items per month and analyze more than 500 high volume consumer products in depth each year.

    • 10 high-volume products per week – phones, tablets, cameras, wearables, smart home devices, TVs, PCs, automotive devices, and more
    • Thousands of components are catalogued per week
    • 10 to 30 net new components are catalogued per week
    • 1 component or die per month – standard cell library elements, layout, utilization, and statistics
    • 1 – 2 die per month – process architecture, materials analysis, FEOL/BEOL constructional analysis, detailed circuit design extraction

    Supports Powerful Use Cases

    “I want to target Company X’s application processors.”

    Targeting a manufacturer’s technology

    “I have a patent and want to find out who’s using it.”

    Finding hits against a patent

    “Who else is using the chip that infringes on my patent?”

    Expanding revenue coverage

    Quick, powerful….as easy as search, click, find

    Uses a high-speed search engine to access years of reverse engineering technical analysis and insights.

    Modeled on other high powered, searchable sites – you simply type in key words or use faceted browsing. Inside Technology returns matches on whatever you are looking for.


    • For detailed reports, accurate analyses, images, reports and schematics
    • By product type, manufacturer, country or year

    From initial search returns, you can do a deeper dive or refine your search to find evidence of infringement.

    It’s quick, powerful – and as easy as search, click, find.