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    Reliable, accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence helps you plan before you invest. TechInsights’ Logic subscription gives you detailed coverage and analysis of major events across a variety of manufacturers.

    Available Logic Subscriptions

    Get to market quicker with TechInsights Logic Subscriptions. Our data helps you plot the right development course and produce best in class products. The knowledge you need to grow your market share and revenue.

    Process & Advanced Packaging

    Understand all aspects of advanced logic technologies, gain visibility into the competition’s historical – and anticipated – approach, and make better next-node technology choices.


    • Dimensional and Materials Analysis
      • 7-8 logic reports/year
      • 4-5 advanced packaging reports/year
    • Trend Analysis – 3 briefings / year on technical trends by technology element
    • 1 on-site analyst visit / year

    Process Flows

    Requires a subscription to Process & Advanced Packaging

    Enhance your Advanced Process & Packaging subscription with Process Flow Analysis (PFA), Process Flow Full Emulation (PFF), and more.


    • Process Flow Analysis (PFA) – Process Steps, Tool Type, Material – 7 Logic reports / year
    • Process Flow Full Emulation (PFF) – 3D Emulation, Layout GDS – 4 Logic reports / year
    • Enhanced on-site analyst visits with PF trends



    Transistor Characterization

    See the complete picture of process technology and performance. Understand the process, see the performance, spot the trends.


    • Universal curves for IOFF vs. ION and IOFF vs. ID, LIN; Transfer and output characteristics for each universal curve data point
    • 1 on-site analyst visit / year
    • Comparative analysis briefing


    Digital Functional Analysis​

    A high-level view of SoC design quality, focusing on leading-edge APU, CPU, GPU, AI accelerator, FPGA, baseband / connectivity, VPU, advanced MCU components, plus emerging applications such as AR and vision processing SoCs.


    • Digital Functional Analysis Report (DFAR) – executive summaries supported by image sets – 18 to 20 / year


    Standard Cell and Layout Analysis

    Focused on high volume first-to-market SoCs on leading fabless / foundry combinations, this subscription provides standard cell analysis and layout analysis on multiple areas of leading-edge SoCs.


    • Standard cells extracted, routing efficiency assessed, accurate gate density metrics calculated
    • Large area layout image sets delivered in CircuitVision, upper level metal usage surveyed
    • Trend Analysis – 3 briefings / year on leading-edge SoC segments
    • 1 on-site analyst visit / year



    Same Great Content, New Application

    A TechInsights IC analysis subscription gives you the data you need – instantly. Our new TechInsights Application platform lets you:

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