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    TechInsights proactively tears down and analyzes over 450 consumer products per year – more than any other company. We have a proven track record that spans nearly 30 years of discovering the innovation others can’t inside electronics and semiconductor devices. Our analysis is broad and includes a variety of manufacturers from top brands like Apple and Samsung to up-and-coming mega players like Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Amazon.

    For leaders who want to base their product road maps on hard facts TechInsights' analysis is the ideal solution. Our subscription-based services offer regular, succinct, and authoritative analysis of state-of-the-art ICs in high-volume and high-growth applications.

    TechInsights provides our extensive technical findings and insights through five, cost-effective subscription services. Each gives you access to our full competitive analysis and will help guide your strategic decisions in a specific area:

    Available IC Analysis Subscriptions

    Get to market quicker with TechInsights Logic Subscriptions. Our data helps you plot the right development course and produce best in class products. The knowledge you need to grow your market share and revenue.

    Image Sensors
    Separate roadmaps from reality and understand what's “really cooking” under the hood of state-of-the-art imaging devices.

    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Tailored technical analysis on Internet of Things devices.

    Provides the facts you need to make informed decisions on your biggest investments.

    The analysis and insight from TechInsights will ensure you are plugged into the fast changing mobile market, helping you make better R&D decisions and get-to-market faster.

    A small sample of what clients say…

    “Because of the insight we gain from TechInsights, we have grown our market share year over year.”

    CTO, Semiconductor Company

    “The information we get from TechInsights saves us hundreds of hours of senior engineering time a month. We simply couldn’t get the insight and analysis more quickly or affordably.”

    Chief Financial Officer

    “The analysis on sensors is unmatched in the industry and invaluable for driving better R&D decisions and allows us to stay well ahead of our competition.”

    VP of R&D

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