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  • The most cost-effective way to get critical analysis

    TechInsights proactively tears down and analyzes over 450 consumer products per year – more than any other company. We have a proven track record that spans 30 years of discovering the innovation others can’t inside electronics and semiconductor devices. Our analysis is broad and includes a variety of manufacturers from top brands like Apple and Samsung to up-and-coming mega players like Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Amazon.

    For leaders who want to base their product road maps on hard facts TechInsights' analysis is the ideal solution. Our subscription-based services offer regular, succinct, and authoritative analysis of state-of-the-art ICs in high-volume and high-growth applications.

    Available IC Analysis Subscriptions

    TechInsights provides our extensive technical findings and insights through five, cost-effective subscription services. Each gives you access to our full competitive analysis and will help guide your strategic decisions in a specific area:

    Logic Subscription

    Get the facts you need to make informed decisions on your biggest investments. TechInsights analyzes, summarizes and synthesizes:

    • Advanced Process & Packaging​
    • Process Flows​
    • Transistor Characterization​
    • Functional Block Analysis​
    • Standard Cell and Layout Analysis​

    Image Sensors Subscription

    This subscription-based service is the authoritative and most cost-effective source of reliable and accurate analysis of image sensors in high-volume and high-growth applications including:

    • Consumer (smartphones, tablets, & digital cameras)
    • Professional (digital and video cameras)
    • Automotive and security
    • Specialty devices (gaming and industrial)
    • Emerging growth areas


    Internet of Things (IoT) Subscription

    TechInsights’ IoT subscription product provides tailored technical analysis to help you address the challenges of developing your IoT product strategy.

    • Provides facts on IoT SoC and the competitive landscape
    • Enables you to make informed decisions about device designs
    • Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products
    • Empowers you to grow market share and revenue
    • Tailored options provide the analysis you need, when you need it

    Memory Subscription

    • Provides the facts you need to make informed decisions on your biggest investments
    • Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products
    • Empowers you to grow market share and revenue
    • TechInsights Memory analyzes, summarizes, and synthesizes:
      • SSD Teardown & Costing, Mobile Device Teardown & Costing, DRAM Functional Analysis, DRAM Sub Word Line Driver Transistor Characterization, NAND Functional Analysis, Advanced Process & Packaging, Process Flows, Comprehensive Circuit Analysis


    Power Semiconductor Subscription

    In-depth analysis into cutting-edge Gallium Nitride (GaN), Silicon Carbide (SiC), and Silicon (Si) power semiconductor devices

    • Device metrics and salient features
    • Package x-rays and die photos
    • SEM plan-view images and cross-sectional SEM images
    • Cross-sectional TEM images and material analysis

    Our primary focus in 2019 will be the consumer applications of GaN technology, where GaN has the potential to replace super junction MOSFET devices in low form factor applications.


    Same Great Content, New Application

    A TechInsights IC analysis subscription gives you the data you need – instantly. Our new TechInsights Application platform lets you:

    • Access our full database using our high-speed search engine
    • Select specific images and reports to view and download

    • Easily identify the latest additions to our database
    • Self-serve TechInsights data where and when you need it