See the complete picture of process technology and performance

Our reports explain the use of technology implementation in electronic circuits, software and manufacturing processes. They are used to gain intelligence about technology innovations and find evidence of use, proving patent value to technology, legal and patent professionals.

Our Transistor and Characterization analysis allow you to:

  • See the complete picture of process technology and performance
  • Understand the process, see the performance, spot the trends
  • Universal curves for IOFF vs. ION and IOFF vs. ID, LIN; transfer and output characteristics for each universal curve data point

Transistor characterization

Transistor characterization

TechInsights’ transistor characteristics report provides analysis on the DC electrical properties of the logic NMOS and PMOS transistors

The report includes graphs and tabulated measurements of key performance benchmarks measured at -20, 25 °C, and 80 °C. 25 °C single temperature reports are also available.

Specific DC Analysis Benchmarks of the NMOS and PMOS transistors include:

  • Linear (VT,LIN) and saturated (VT,SAT)threshold voltages
  • Drive Current (ID,SAT)
  • Off-state current (IOFF) and gate leakage current (IG)
  • Sub-threshold swing (S)
  • Transconductance (gm)
  • Punch-through voltage (VPT)
  • Process gain factor (k)
  • IDS vs. VGS graphs
  • IDS vs. VDS graphs

Supporting data includes:

  • Package photographs and package X-ray
  • Die photograph and die markings
  • SEM topographical images of the measured NMOS and PMOS transistors
  • TEM cross-sectional images showing the NMOS and PMOS gate lengths

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