Since the launch of the first iPhone ushered in the era of smartphones in 2007, mobile devices have been the dominant business driver for semiconductor and technology innovation. Billions of mobile phone units shipped in 2018 alone. While there are many handset manufacturers, the only profitable ones at present are Apple, Samsung and Huawei, who are also the top three in unit sales.

Manufacturers today are faced with increased complexity brought about by new standards (such as 5G), carrier aggregation, multi-mode phones, and consumer’s ever-increasing demands for bandwidth, functionality, and reduced power consumption.

Every year TechInsights tears down hundreds of mobile phones to analyze and report on new innovations. Some of the areas of particular interest recently have been screen technology, time of flight sensors, cameras and image sensors, power management, and radio frequency componentry. Some of our recent blogs examine these features in greater detail, such as those found in Samsung’s Galaxy S10+, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, the Google Pixel 3 XL, and the Apple iPhone Xs.

TechInsights offers exhaustive analysis on mobile devices and the semiconductor technologies that drive them. We offer teardown analysis – which provides whole-phone information, and also focused analysis on different segments of mobile technology, such as image sensors, radio frequency, memory, and power semiconductor.

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