Traditional clinical medical equipment has long relied on complex electronics and software to function. As the population ages and the societal factors drive home healthcare, new consumer grade medical devices are appearing that can perform increasingly advanced monitoring and diagnostics ranging from blood glucose monitoring and blood pressure measurement to body fat measurement. Consequently, the medical devices sector has become a high-volume market for which technical innovation, cost control and IP management are competitive prerequisites.

While traditional healthcare giants like pharmaceutical companies are familiar with managing IP, as they diversify their business into the consumer medical devices sector they are faced with less familiar technologies such as semiconductor-based electronics, sensors and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). However, most medical device companies and their OEM suppliers don’t want to tie up valuable internal engineering resources in the analytical work required for technical intelligence and patent infringement investigations.

Component suppliers to the medical device market like semiconductor chip makers are interested in understanding circuit design trends and application requirements within the high potential medical devices market to help them make product development decision and ensure protection of their intellectual property.

Technical Analysis

With broad experience in consumer electronics products, TechInsights completes teardowns to assist medical device companies in product benchmarking and design. TechInsights has performed hundreds of teardowns on consumer electronics products including medical devices such as a blood glucose meters. Our comprehensive analysis include component identification, high-level architectural design analysis and bill-of-materials (BOM) cost estimates.

More in-depth technical analysis is also available including advanced semiconductor reverse engineering (RE) relevant to the medical devices industry. Our clients benefit from technical insights extending from the silicon to the system level including functional analysis and software reverse engineering. including circuit schematics, component and microcontroller architectural analysis, waveform analysis, and materials analysis.

Proving Patent Value

Our fully equipped lab facilities and engineering expertise is combined with intellectual property and patent experience. Our visibility into prior art means faster, more credible evaluation of claims and greater confidence in achieving desired outcomes. We also help evaluate and manage patent portfolios for commercial viability. TechInsights addresses all stages of the IP lifecycle with services and solutions enabled by collaborative workflow tools.

Let TechInsights Work for You

Large healthcare and consumer product companies as well as consumer electronics OEM/ODMs need a technical analysis and IP management partner that is expert in the underlying technologies used in today’s consumer medical devices. Whether you are a product manager looking for competitive intelligence or a patent specialist concerned with effective intellectual property management, TechInsights’ experience can work for you.

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