The mobile RF market is estimated to be valued at $45.05B by 2025. 5G is driving innovation, and the growing complexity of the RF front end is impacting size, cost and power consumption, notably:

Design changes to support an increased number of bands.

Carrier aggregation to enable handsets to accommodate higher bandwidths by using multiple bands simultaneously

Multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) uses multiple transmit and receive antennas to improve capacity

TechInsights analyzes devices in the mobile RF architecture from the antenna to the RF transceiver. In doing so, we see different approaches to addressing complexity issues; while some vendors are providing pin-compatible components that enable a common architecture to support different bands/regions simply by replacing components, other vendors are focused on more integrated architectures.

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By revealing the innovation others can’t inside advanced technology, we prove patent value and drive the best IP and technology investment decisions.

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Our Analysis

Our analysis spans major market players such as:

  • Qualcomm
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • HiSilicon
  • MediaTek

Our state-of-the-art teardown facilities have the unique ability to go from the system to atomic level

  • Functional Testing
  • Product Teardowns & Costing/BOM
  • Packaging/PCB & Structural/Process
  • Circuit Extraction and Analysis
  • Transistor Characterization