TechInsights Analysis for Academia

TechInsights is pleased to offer TechInsights for Academia: no-cost access to a selection of our analysis for educational institutions.


In the academic sector, TechInsights’ reverse engineering analysis has long been sought-after to support research innovation.

We have worked with educational institutions on mutual research projects, by providing access to images and analysis, contributing to textbook creation, etc.

TechInsights for Academia provides users with access to a selection of our semiconductor analysis. Reports and images available through this program were originally published between 2 and 4 years ago.

All analysis is viewed in the TechInsights Platform, which provides a full listing of the reports, images, and expert commentary available through this program. The TechInsights Platform is the content platform for the semiconductor industry.

We have curated reports for this offering from across our technology areas of focus, which include: Image Sensors; Power Management; Logic Devices


Analysis is offered via no-cost subscription to the TechInsights Platform, where the selection of reports available is updated on a quarterly basis.

This program is currently being offered to active faculty members of post-secondary education institutions. To learn more about TechInsights for Academia, download our brief. If you are interested in participating, please complete the application form and we will contact you shortly.



TechInsights Microelectronics Analysis for Academia

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