BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules

BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules

Take the guesswork out of modeling the carbon footprint and costs of dies within integrated circuits.

Quickly search, compare, and model carbon and component costs for dies within integrated circuits across tens of thousands of consumer electronic devices.

BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules


Are you ready to go beyond asking questions and start getting answers to guide your sustainability program? The BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules have the science-based data you need on integrated circuit costs and carbon impact for die components you’re using or considering on your product roadmap.

BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules

As a subscriber to the BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules, you’ll be able to access an updated database of tens of thousands of dies used within integrated circuits (ICs), making it easy to evaluate carbon footprints and costs.

With the database, you’ll have access to:
  • Carbon footprint data available in more than 150,000 die records.
  • Exportable and sortable data with essential fields for understanding, modeling, and designing components.
  • Data that highlights the cost and carbon implications of your design decisions or provides a competitive view into another manufacturer’s cost and carbon tradeoffs.

BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules

Unlocking Intelligence: The TechInsights Approach

Wondering how we compiled this highly valuable analysis? We used the foundation of our sustainability efforts at TechInsights—the Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model—to provide critical inputs including carbon impact for each fab, process and chemical used to manufacture the dies within a wide variety of consumer electronics.

Our science-based approach includes algorithms to precisely calculate carbon emissions in grams for each integrated circuit's (IC) die, based on the die area. This comprehensive and original data covers all ICs from our reverse engineering teardowns, dating back to 2012.

Why TechInsights

At TechInsights, we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. By integrating our Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model into the BOM Database, we aim to provide you with unparalleled insights into the environmental impact of the ICs you’re developing or evaluating in your product design.

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