Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model

Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model

A Strategic Tool for Assessing Carbon Impact of Logic and Memory Technologies

The TechInsights Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model is the first of its kind to detail Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions at a wafer and die level. This is achieved by bringing together the equipment, processes, and manufacturing steps for Logic, DRAM, and NAND into a single tool for leading 300mm wafers produced by 184 total fabs.

The tool allows users to create their own unique analyses of carbon emissions through editable fields like utilization, abatement, and electric carbon intensity. Data at customer fingertips include carbon emissions from electricity and on-site fossil fuel gas combustion, process chemical emissions and abatement, and water consumption.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model


Did you know that EUV systems consume over 10 times more electricity per system compared to older DUV lithography.

Source: TechInsights’ Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model


Addressing Semiconductor Carbon Emissions: A Two-Part Challenge

As demands for semiconductor technology continue to increase, so do the impacts of the semiconductor industry on the environment. With the climate crisis intensifying, the semiconductor industry faces a two-part problem:

  • Design greener processes and technologies to reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously producing more powerful semiconductors
  • Reduce carbon emissions from existing manufacturing facilities


Examining Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions from manufacturing a die, with breakout for Scope 1 emissions. Source: TechInsights’ Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model, 2024.

Examining Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions from manufacturing a die, with breakout for Scope 1 emissions. Source: TechInsights’ Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model, 2024.


Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model Subscription Overview

The Semiconductor Carbon Model calculates Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from IC die manufacturing and silicon wafers in the 130nm to 10A range, including logic and memory (NAND and DRAM), and known fabs coming online in the next many years. Scope 1 emissions are further broken down by natural gas and individual process gases. The model provides carbon emissions from 2015 to 2035 allowing users to compare historical results to current and future scenarios.

The model makes it possible to review and compare electricity, carbon emissions, and process gases for each piece of equipment used. Equipment categories include: atomic layer deposition (ALD), chemical vapor deposition (CMP), CVD, dry etch, implant, inspection, lithography, metrology, plating, PVD, spin-on, thermal and wet cleans.

Total Carbon by Equipment Category

Breakdown of Carbon by Equipment Type for emissions from process gas and electricity.

The model enables users to compare fabs based on:

  • Carbon emissions from purchased electricity
  • On-site emissions from fossil fuel gas combustion
  • Process chemical emissions and abatement efforts
  • Water consumption by die and wafer


Get answers to key questions about semiconductor carbon impacts and how the industry is working to decrease emissions.

Supporting Your Business in Its Sustainability Reporting

Covering 184 total fabs, the TechInsights Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model is a vital sustainability tool providing the detailed modeling and benchmarking that supports many areas of the semiconductor value chain, including:

  • Foundries, Fabless vendors, and IDMs (integrated device manufacturers) can use the tool to support key design decisions and evaluate investment decisions for new equipment and tools.
  • Capital Equipment vendors see value in that the model provides a critical business development tool to compare and benchmark tools versus the competition.
  • Product Manufacturers use the Carbon Model provides key inputs into cradle-to-grave analysis and reporting.


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