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How we can help

Whether it’s to benchmark products against competitors, support product design and development, de-risk go-to-market strategies, build stronger product roadmaps, make better pricing decisions, monetize and defend intellectual property, or win more competitive bids, TechInsights is a trusted technology and business partner who can extend your team in three key areas: competitive technical intelligence, market analysis, and intellectual property services.

Competitive Technical Intelligence

A subscription helps close the competitive gap by enabling business and technology decision-makers to:

  • De-risk their product strategy with advance knowledge of their markets
  • Discover what products are winning in the highest-growth markets and why
  • Spot or anticipate disruptive events, including the emergence of new players
  • Understand state-of-the-art technology through independent, objective analysis
  • Conduct competitive benchmarking by understanding where they stand relative to other market leaders
  • Manage expenditures by understanding product costs and bill of materials
Competitive Technical Intelligence
Market Analysis

Market Analysis

A subscription helps executives and technology leaders to:

  • Build credibility with investors by leveraging 3rd party data
  • Assess future market opportunities for business expansion or competitive advantage
  • Forecast and optimize expenditures by understanding product costs and bill of materials
  • Reduce risk by understanding current supply chain trends and their impacts

Intellectual Property (IP) Services

We help IP Professionals in global technology companies, licensing entities and legal firms to:

  • Build higher quality, more effective patents
  • Identify patents of value and gather evidence of use to demonstrate this value
  • Obtain accurate data for planning a potential defensive strategy or assertion case
  • Make better portfolio management decisions to invest, abandon, acquire or divest
  • Understand their competition, identify strategic partners, acquisition targets and business threats
  • Map patents to technology
Intellectual Property (IP) Services
Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Analysis

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Analysis

TechInsights has been publishing technology analysis for over 30 years, enabling our customers to advance their intellectual property and product and business strategies. We maintain the world’s largest database of reverse engineering analysis of semiconductor and consumer products.

  • Extensive database of 14 verticals and over 40 channels of analysis
  • Covering 40 years of technologies (1977 to today)
  • Thousands of new programs every year
Why TechInsights?

We are the authoritative information platform for the semiconductor industry, built over 30+ years.

We are a trusted patent and technology partner to the world’s largest and most successful companies including 37 of the top 50 U.S. patent holders. By revealing the innovation others cannot inside the broadest range of advanced technology products, we prove patent value and enable business leaders to make the best, fact-based IP and technology investment decisions.

The Platform

Our one-stop platform for the semiconductor industry, housing the world’s largest collection of reverse engineering analysis, market forecasts, costing, images, schematics, expert analyst commentary, client seminar presentations, videos and more.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Industry-leading technology experts with the skill and knowledge to bridge technology and patents; aggregate experience with client portfolios, exposure to a broad array of technology via industry experience and access to TechInsights platform.

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Investigate complex technologies and to gather data on a broad range of technologies. With 200+ highly skilled engineers, we have the ability to run large, complex programs, ability to handle high volume of tasks across a wide breadth and depth of devices, provide consistent output, and deliver robust work product.

Revealing innovation through technical and market analysis to inform business decisions

TechInsights is the most trusted source of actionable, in-depth intelligence related to semiconductor innovation and market events.

We can help track the evolution of components, your competitors in the market, learn how quickly they are innovating, and forecast what they will likely do next. Our curation offers predictions that help you understand where your market is headed.

We reveal the innovations others cannot in technology products. We provide advanced technical and market analysis to organizations to help them make fact-based technology, business, and intellectual property decisions.

Our analysis is served through the TechInsights Platform – the world’s largest library of technical, costing, and market analysis developed over the course of our 30+ year history.

The Platform provides access to our coverage of today’s cutting-edge solutions and forecasting future developments, and our library of historical technology analysis. Executives, technology leaders, and product teams from the world’s most innovative business and Government organizations rely on our insights to help support strategy and decision making.

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