Chiplets are the Most Exciting Technical Development in the Semiconductor Industry

Chiplets represent the next frontier of chip design – taking a single, large, highly integrated system on a chip (SoC) and breaking it up into blocks of functionality. The increased flexibility in design options, ability to optimize technology nodes, and reduce costs in manufacturing make this technology advancement one the industry is expected to adopt rapidly.


TechInsights expects that Chiplet revenues will reach $236 billion by 2030 – growing at a CAGR of 19.7%. In the Compute segment, shipments are expected to grow 24.1% during that same timeframe.

The Chiplet Advantage

Ultimately, chiplets and advanced packaging will help increase the transistor counts beyond anything we could have imagined even a decade ago. TechInsights’ legacy of technical analysis of leading-edge technology nodes paired with its market view of supply and demand trends provides unparalleled and comprehensive insights, intelligence, and data on the evolution of the Chiplet movement.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model

Semiconductor Manufacturing Carbon Model

Semiconductor Packaging

Detailed analysis profiling cutting-edge packaging innovations seen in real world products from industry leaders. TechInsights’ Semiconductor Packaging analysis combines technology, reverse engineering, analytics, industry news, and our Packaging Industry Technology Roadmap to provide the analysis you need to navigate the semiconductor packaging market.

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