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Published: 28 September 2011

Level 3 Chipography Reports identify primary ICs, provide die-size parameters, and include selected die photos and information on major sub-assemblies such as camera and display module, but also include a full bill-of-materials for electronic components and also include price estimates for the ICs and total overall component counts.

Report Description

The Nokia 1616-2c is a basic, entry-level, bar-form mobile phone with rugged anti-scratch covers, a dust resistant keypad and some of the features seen on more expensive models. The particular phone analyzed here is offered as part of the pre-paid device lineup for T-Mobile. There is FM radio, Text and Picture Messaging, a 3.5 mm headset jack, changeable faceplates, and a flashlight. The Nokia S30 software platform and Nokia’s Life Tools user interface found on many of Nokia’s entry-level mobile devices runs all the 1616 operations. Nokia claims 8.5 hours of active use and 540 hours of standby operation on the 800mAh OEM battery.

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