Internal Waveform Analysis on the Sandisk/Toshiba SDSQUNI 256 Gbit 3D NAND Flash Memory

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This report presents an Internal Waveform Analysis of the Sandisk/Toshiba 256 Gbit TLC (3 bits per cell) 48L 3D NAND Flash memory found inside the SDSQUNI-256G-AN6MA component. This waveform analysis provides details on the internal voltages required to program, read and erase the flash memory cells while the device is operating in multi-plane mode. The waveform analysis tests the flash in an active probe arrangement and voltage traces of the monitored signals are recorded during multi-plane program, multi-plane read and multi-plane erase operations. TechInsights has extracted and analyzed the required circuit portions to determine where to place the required test FIB pads and position the probe points. The FIB pads are placed on the selected signals on only one memory plane of the flash die and tested while the device is operating in the multi-plane mode.

The report contains a set of the acquired waveforms and annotated photographs, divided into the following sections:
  • Architectural Overview
  • Multi-plane Waveform Analysis
  • Schematics
  • Test Procedure
  • Major Findings
  • Standard Cells
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