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SanRex FMG50AQ120N6 1200 V 13 mOhm SiC Power Floorplan Analysis
This report presents a power floorplan analysis (PFR) of the SanRex FMG50AQ120N6 1200 V 13 mOhm SiC power MOSFET. It features optimized conduction with 13 mOhm Rds(on) at a gate drive of Vgs = 20 V and low Rds(on) temperature dependency, increasing by only 2 mOhm up to 150 C, suitable for industrial applications and EV charging infrastructure.
The image set for a standard PFR project is derived from decapsulation of two samples, followed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis of a cross section of the power transistor die and optical analysis of the power transistor die delayered to the substrate or gate level. The PFR deliverable includes:
  • Company Profile
  • Executive Summary
  • Downstream Identification (optional)
  • Device Identification
  • Process Analysis
  • Layout Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
The PFR deliverable provides competitive benchmarking information and enables cost-effective tracking of multiple competitors' technology.

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