Samsung K3UHCHC0MM-VGCL 1y nm 12 Gb LPDDR4X Memory Floorplan Analysis

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Memory - NAND & DRAM
Memory - DRAM Floorplan Analysis
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This report presents a Memory Floorplan Analysis of the Samsung K4U2E164AM die found inside the Samsung K3UHCHC0MM-VGCL package. The K3UHCHC0MM-VGCL is a LPDDR4X package over the APL1W01 application processor package attached to the PWB in the A14 PoP application processor module extracted from the Apple A2406 iPhone 12 Pro smartphone.

This report contains the following detailed information:
  • Selected teardown photographs, package photographs, package X-rays, die markings, and die photographs
  • SEM cross-sectional micrographs of the general structure of the die dielectric materials, major features, and transistors
  • Measurements of vertical and horizontal dimensions of major microstructural features
  • Plan-view optical micrograph of the die delayered to the polysilicon layer
  • Identification of major functional blocks on a polysilicon die photograph
  • Table of functional block sizes and percentage die utilization
  • High-resolution top metal and polysilicon die photographs delivered in the CircuitVision software
  • Cost of die and tested packaged die, based on the manufacturing cost analysis of the observed process
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