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RF Antenna Module
Qualcomm QTM545 mmWave Antenna Module Architecture Analysis (RFFA)
The following is a report of the Qualcomm QTM545 mmWave Antenna Module Architecture Analysis. The Qualcomm QTM545 contains the RF path from the antenna elements to the RF transceiver for FR2 frequency bands, supporting n257(26.5 GHz - 29.5 GHz), n258(24.25 GHz - 27.5 GHz), n260(37 GHz - 40 GHz) and n261(27.5 GHz - 28.35 GHz). It includes five dual-band, dual-polarization antennae, the RF Transceiver/Front-End die and the PMIC die. The Qualcomm QTM545 mmWave Antenna Module was found on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-G908U).

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