Sony IMX214 CMOS Image Sensor Imager Process Review

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Sunny Optical Technology
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Camera Module
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This report is an Imager Process Review of the Sony IMX214 CMOS image sensor (CIS). The IMX214 is Sony's second generation Exmor RS series, 13 MP “stacked” CIS with a spatially multiplexed exposure-high dynamic range (SME-HDR) imaging function to improve picture quality. The SME-HDR technology involves imaging during shooting at two different exposure conditions and performing image processing to generate images with wide dynamic range. The IMX214 outputs 13 MP HDR images and HDR imaging can be generated for both video and still imaging. The IMX214 can shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second (fps), 1080p video at 60 fps, or 13 MP HDR images at a maximum of 30 fps. This Imager Process Review takes the reader inside the process technology used to fabricate the device which consist of two stacked dies, the back illuminated imager (BSI) die and the image signal processor (ISP) die, bonded together face-to-face. The main features of this stacked BSI device when compared to the respective features on the first generation stacked CIS are; a) refinement and modifications to the TSVs used to connect CIS signals to the ISP circuitry, b) simplification of the manufacturing process to enable lower cost of manufacturing, c) moving of most of the circuitry from the CIS die to the ISP die, d) changes in pixel circuitry for SME functionality, and e) changes in the organic layer stack on the light receiving side of CIS to bring microlenses closer to the pixel cathodes.
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