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Samsung K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ Low Power DDR4X Mobile DRAM 18 nm Exploratory Report
The report summarizes an exploratory analysis of the Samsung K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ low power DDR4X mobile DRAM extracted from the Samsung Galaxy S8 (model SM-G950W). The Samsung K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ contains the K4F8E164HM die, fabricated with an 18 nm DRAM process.

The report includes the following results:
  • Product teardown optical images
  • Package and die optical images
  • Plan-view scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of the memory array and the memory peripheral areas
  • SEM cross section images along the bit line direction
  • SEM cross section images along the word line direction
  • Dimensional analysis

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