Samsung S5KHM2 Device Essentials Plus

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Image Sensor - Device Essentials Plus
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The S5KHM2 is Samsung's latest 108 MP ISOCELL Plus CMOS image sensor (CIS) featuring 0.7 µm pixels, Super-PD PDAF, real-time HDR and Smart-ISO. The Samsung S5KHM2 CIS was extracted from the Xiaomi Tech Note 9 Pro 5G rear-facing camera. The Device Essentials Plus (DEP) deliverable builds on the content generated in a Device Essentials (DEF) project. The goal of a DEP is to extend coverage beyond the SEM-based imaging used for DEF projects, and to expand the analyst commentary. A DEP contains interpreted results from multiple reverse engineering techniques chosen to best report on the specific technology analyzed. The suite of available techniques includes TEM, TEM-EDS, SIMS, and SCM analyses.

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