Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPad Air (5th Generation) A2589 Tablet

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ManagementAppleApple has overall design wins for the iPad Air 5th Generation, leading with the M1/APL1102 hexa-core processor, three of four Power Managements (APL1096/343S00543, APL1097/343S00544, 343S00235/CD3257A0) and Power Management + Audio CODEC chip (343S00465-A0/D2559A). Qualcomm provides Baseband Processor (SDX60M-001) and RF Transceiver with GPS (SDR868- 008). Broadcom made two 3D Touch Controllers (BCM15957), UHB LTE and 5G RxD Front-End Module (AFEM-8225 ) and HB and MB Front-End Module (AFEM-8214). RxD Front-End Module (SKY13714 ?), LB Front-End Module (SKY58270-17) and 5 GHz Front-End Module were made by Skyworks. USI provides WiFi802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/Bluetooth 5.0 Module (339S01015).
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