Intel/Micron 96L 3D NAND (MT29F512G08EBHBFJ4-R) Full CircuitVision Analysis

Product Code
Release Date
Product Item Code
Device Manufacturer
Micron Technology
Device Type
NAND Flash
Report Code
The following is a CircuitVision Analysis report on the Micron Technology MT29F512G08EBHBF-R_B, 96-layer 3D NAND Flash memory (B27A die). The report contains a full set of schematics and annotated photographs divided into the following sections:
  • Architectural Overview
  • Array and Peripherals
  • Data Path
  • Address Path
  • Control Blocks
  • Voltage Generators System
  • Symbol Definitions
  • Major Findings
  • Standard Cells
  • Appendix A - Signal List
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