Fujitsu MB85R8M2TABGL-G 8 Mb FRAM Advanced Memory Essentials Report

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This report presents an advanced memory essentials (AME) of the Fujitsu MB85R8M2TABGL-G 8 Mb FRAM.
The concise analysis summary report of critical device metrics, transmission electron microscopy-based energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (TEM-EDS) and TEM-based electron energy loss spectroscopy (TEM-EELS) results, and salient features, supported by the following image folders:
  • Downstream product teardown
  • Package photographs and X-rays, top metal and polysilicon die photographs
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) cross-section along the word line (WL) and the bit line (BL) of the 3D NAND array
  • TEM cross-section along the BL
  • TEM cross-section along the WL
  • SEM/TEM bevel
    • Memory array
    • Memory array edge
    • Periphery at the polysilicon level
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